001 Be Prepared to Survive with The Prepper Survival Podcast

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The Prepper Podcast Logo Flattened and Squared

The Prepper Podcast Logo Flattened and Squared

Welcome to The Prepper Podcast!

Learn to be prepared to survive, and find out why you need to prepare on the very first Episode of The Prepper Podcast, a survival podcast based on military, wilderness, modern survival

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  1. Why do you need to prepare?

    1. Natural Disasters

      1. Storms

      2. Tornados

      3. Hurricanes

      4. Floods

      5. Home Fires

      6. Coronal Mass Ejections

    2. Human Disasters

      1. Fights

      2. Mugging

      3. Buglary

      4. War

      5. Nuclear Power

    3. The End of the World as We Know It (TEOTWAWKI)

      1. Loss of Job

      2. Loss of Family Member

      3. EMP

      4. Nuclear Attack

      5. Volcanic Eruption

      6. Celestial Impact

  2. Why a podcast?

    1. I have a blog

      1. can’t interview on it

    2. Some people are too busy for reading

      1. make it “on the go”

  3. About Me?

    1. As a kid

    2. Some occupations

  4. I hope you plan to continue to listen

    1. This is my second time recording this episode.  After around 40 episodes, I thought this would be a good time to record a better quality introductory podcast.

    2. Please continue to listen and get the tools for survival.

I am Ken Jensen.

My purpose for this podcast is for many reasons.  I can’t interview readers or listeners very easily on my blog.  I want to relay all the research that I do on The Clever Survivalist in an audio format.  Audio is easier to take with you in the car, working in the garden, working out, hiking, camping, etc.

I wanted to make everything available to those that don’t have the screen time.


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