002 Top Natural & Extreme Disasters or Hazards, & Prep Priority 1

Top Natural & Extreme Disasters or Hazards, & Prep Priority

Top Natural & Extreme Disasters or Hazards, & Prep Priority


Let’s cover the top natural or extreme disasters and hazards that are likely, or not, to occur and the priority your preps should take.

When preparing for disasters, we must choose the mundane over the insane.

What is the “disaster multiplier?”  The simple concept that disasters that are smaller and have less global impact, are typically the most likely.

Remember, that when you prepare for the most likely scenarios, you will end up preparing for larger ones.

  1. Job Loss, Loss of Bread Winner, and Loss of Family Member
  2. Mugging, Attack, or Break-Ins
  3. Fire or Flood
  4. Loss of Local Water Supply
  5. Tornados, Hurricanes, Volcanic Eruption, Large Scale Fires, Winter Storms, or Earthquakes
  6. Economic Collapse or Food Shortage
  7. Viral or Bacterial Pandemic
  8. Nuclear Disasters, Chemical or Biological Warfare
  9. Super-Volcanos
  10. Impact from Space or Solar Flares, Polar Reversal, Black Hole

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