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coverEmergency survival can be an overwhelming task.  We begin to hoard.

What we need to do is think critically analytically about what is the most likely scenario.

Let’s think in terms of needs first.  What are our needs?

7.Self Defense

Self-Defense will initially go away, but not for long.

Now, we will think in terms of length of time. 

Many local scenarios will require 3 or so days, or 72 hours. 

Then something could happen on a larger scale… a month.  6 months. A year.

More preps and organization for larger scenarios.

Now we need to fufill the needs that we thought of.

I want to help, but am only a man, with an opinion.  I am not the one-stop-shop of your every prepping needs. 

So, how do I know that I am missing something in my preparations?  Do a drill.

After this is done, and based on your prepping analysis, you prepare for 72 hours of full blackout. 

Stressful, so give yourself and family some comforts. My motto: Happy Wife, Happy Life.

Next, you prepare for 72 hours on the move… This is where a lot of people end up with a 72 hour “bug-out bag.”

Then you prepare for 1 week at home.
Then 1 week away.
Then 2 at home.
Then 2 away.
1 month at home.
1 month away.

We consider all of the needs on the list for each time scenario.  By starting smaller, we can complete the goals in a timely manner. 


Blog post: How to Begin in Emergency Survival 

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A drill will definitly work. My power went out in Toronto, and now I am sure of what else I need to keep going. Top of the list in order of cost? Candles, batteries that haven't gone bad, a generator, candles and a wood stove in the basement.


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