004 Survivalist Bug Out, Get out of Dodge, Get Home Bag, 72 Hr Emergency 4

Survivalist Bug Out, Get out of Dodge, Get Home Bag, 72 Hr Emergency

Survivalist Bug Out, Get out of Dodge, Get Home Bag, 72 Hr Emergency

Survivalist Bug Out, Get out of Dodge, Get Home Bag, 72 Hr Emergency

Today I discuss the bug out bag, get out of dodge bag, or get home bag, however you want to describe it.  It is actually just a 72 hour emergency bag to get you from point A to point B.

The cleversurvivalist post: 72 Hour Emergency Kit or Bug-Out Bag for Adults

  1. Why I choose packs over duffles: Packs are much easier to carry.
    1. Internal Frame Pack is my choice. Mine is the Kelty Courser 40.
  2. What should be in the pack?
    1. Food
      1. Keep foods you normally eat
      2. Granola and Energy Bars
      3. Trail Mix
      4. Dried Soup Packets
      5. Vacuum sealed rice
      6. Water (1 gallon per person per day)
      7. Water purification tablets
    2. Clothing
      1. Full set of clothing. Both short and long sleeve. Have several pairs of socks.
        1. Take breaks to let feet breathe
      2. Poncho, or rain jacket and pants
      3. Hat to keep the sun off
    3. Shelter
      1. Space blankets, wool blankets (packing space is concern)
      2. Bedsheet takes very little space but will make a space blanket more comfortable
      3. Hammock or hammock net. Both can be used as a hammock, but the military hammock nets can be used for fishing and trapping. I have the Grand Trunk Hybrid Hammock and my children have the Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock.
      4. Tarps. You can make A-frame shelters and lean-to shelters with it. Collecting water, waterproofing pack.
      5. Small hiking or dome tent. I prefer 2 person tents. I actually have the Alps or Alpine Engineering Mystique 2.
    4. Light and Firestarting
      1. Flashlights- LED. I prefer battery with hand crank or shake backup. I keep headlamps because they are great hands-free lighting
      2. Signal Flares
      3. Tea light candles.
      4. Lighters
      5. Waterproof matches
    5. Utilitarian
      1. Survival knife: I have the Colt tactical survival knife
      2. Good Mulitool: I have 3 Gerbers, but Leatherman is great also.
      3. Compact Shovel or E-tool
      4. Pen and paper for memory and to leave notes to rescuers
      5. AM-FM weather radio with battery and crank option
      6. LOTS of paracord. Extremely versatile.
      7. Map of the areas that you are in, compass, and training.
      8. Aluminum foil and tin foil
      9. Duct tape
      10. Pepper Spray
      11. Prepaid phone and phone card. The SpareOne phone is a cool option.
      12. List of important phone numbers
      13. Extra credit or debit card
      14. Extra cash
      15. GPS is awesome when charged.
    6. Medical
      1. First Aid Kit
      2. Stash of volatile medicines
    7. Personal Items and Sanitary Items
      1. Toilet paper
      2. Feminine hygene products
      3. Toothbrush with broken handle
      4. Diapers and Babywipes for the children
    8. Vacuum Sealing is great for space saving.

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What type of food do you recommend that will survive hot weather in the trunk of your car all summer?


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