006 How to Build a Fire, Techniques, and Tools

Learn to start a fire!

Learn to start a fire!

The Prepper Podcast Episode 6: I explain the basics of how to build a fire, some techniques, and tools to make fire with.  I discuss:

Firebuilding is 80% Prep and 20% Work

Different Fire Designs:

  • TeePee
    • Great for starting fires
  • Log Cabin
    • Best for cooking
  • Pyramid
    • Very little attention needed over the night

Basic Setup:

  • Kindling TeePee
    • What is kindling?

Methods for striking the fire:

  • Lighters
  • Matches
  • Magnesium, Flint, and Steel
  • Steel wool and a 9-volt battery
  • Hand Drill, Bow Drill, and Drill Press
  • Cotton and Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly)

Starting the fire:

  • Light the Tinder
    • dried birch and cedar bark
    • cattails
    • wax
    • lint
    • charcloth (self-made)
    • moss (dried out)
    • wood shaving from your knife
    • or even dried straw and pine needles (which aren’t quite as good)
  • Place Tinder in the Kindling TeePee
    • Kindling can be:
      • small dried branches
      • small pieces of wood
      • fuzz sticks (explain)
  • Place Wood on the kindling

The Clever Survivalist Blog Posts that give more information:

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