011 Heating and Cooling in Blackouts or Electric Grid Outages 5

Heating and Cooling in Blackouts or Electric Grid Outages: Power Loss

Heating and Cooling in Blackouts or Electric Grid Outages: Power Loss

Heating and Cooling in Blackouts or Electric Grid Outages

Today, I discuss ways of heating and cooling you, your family, and your home during electricity blackouts or electric grid failures causing electricity outages.

We just had an Ice Storm.

My Survivalist Blog Post on this: Survive the Heat, survive the cold, power out, stay warm, stay cool

Heat or Cool Self

Heat or Cool Space


    • 1 gallon propane heaters (Like the awesome Mr. Heater – Buddy or the Mr. Heater – Little Buddy)
      • I recommend an adapter for 5 gallon propane tanks to the 1 gallon connection
      • Use the ones that sense oxygen levels, and would def. have a carbon monoxide detector
      • Knock over switch
      • Easy to keep propane at home and it stores almost indefinitely.
      • Propane space heaters are pretty good for a full room, equivelant to a large electric space heater
    • Could use electric space heaters if you have plenty of power (but they are power hungry and I have no recommendations)
    • Choose best room in house, convenience, sleeping, living
    • The more generator power you use, the more fuel you use
    • Wood Stoves (more efficient than fireplaces)
    • Fireplaces (inefficient due to air drafting in and up)
      • Wood stove inserts for fireplaces (Like this one, but they are really expensive)
      • Fireplace reflector (I would build one)
    • Forced air solar heating boxes in windows, this is a DIY (Book on it from Steven Harris: Sunshine to Dollars) (Youtube video on a different kind:

      • My #1 Suggestion (Rocket Mass Heater)


  • More difficult
  • Window unit air conditioner
  • Cooling other rooms???
    • Cross ventilation to reduce temp around main space
    • Water chiller units. (Called Evaporative Coolers on Amazon)
      • 10-20 degrees cooler air (but more humid)
      • Pumps water onto fins and air blows across from fan
      • If you aren’t force cooling the home, you could open the chimney flue to draw hot air up and out.

What are some great preventive measures to take on our homes for efficiency that will help us with either heating or cooling it?

  • For Home efficiency
    • Get a consultant to take a look and have him give suggestions, not specialized installation companies.
    • Seal up cracks, windows, doors, attics, basements
  • Insulate the roof pitch of attic and have an attic vent fan
  • Expensive option is energy efficient windows
  • Blinds and curtains on windows, silver or white during summer and black during winter.
  • Add a sprinkler system to your roof (just talking hoses and sprinkler heads) and turn it on for a few minutes every hour or two, you could make this auto.
  • If you keep a large room sized area on the side of your house trellised and planted up with overhead plants, the air can be 10-15 degrees cooler.  Force the air in home.
  • Leafing vines on sun side of home


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Richard McCraw
Richard McCraw

If do you want to heat your home without electricity then you can prefer wood burning stove or Ecco stove. These are best option to provide heat your family and home efficiently.



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