014 Non Parishable Canned Food Items, Storage Made Easy/ Low Cost 3

Non Parishable Canned Food Items Storage Made Easy Low Cost


Non Parishable Canned Food Items Storage Made Easy Low Cost

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  1. What is copy-canning?

  2. How do I get started in copy canning?

    1. break down to 1 month, then two month, then three
    2. 1 month
      1. buy a cheap 50 cent notebook, note what you use for two weeks minimum

      2. get a 12 month average use of the stuff you use

        1. use something twice in a week, that is 104 a year.  If the shelf life of that food is only 6 months, then you only need half of that to keep fresh rotatable food.  You would save 52 of them.

        2. What about people that don’t want commercially canned food?

        3. Now this should give you a month or two of food when you reach your numbers… why not a year?

        4. You can now save money on food, because you can wait on deals

    3. 2 month
      1. fillers: pasta, rice, beans, potatoes

      2. still recommend canned beans and potatoes for less energy required for heating them.

      3. additional “non perishable” items to go with your fillers.  That extra jar of spaghetti sauce for your pasta, etc

      4. should still be logging your uses and thinking about your year’s worth of fillers by consumption

      5. this with your canned foods will give a versatile 2 month supply, if not even more.

    4. 3 month
      1. Start looking into the higher quality freeze dried foods.

      2. most only take some water and very little heat to prepare

      3. do this to cover most of the things that you couldnt get , or just couldn’t bring yourself to get in a can.

      4. You can get yourself an extremely well stocked pantry and 3 month supply where everyone is ENJOYING their meals instead of rice and beans.

    5. Rewind the clock, start over, look at your uses again
    6. Eventually, need to learn how to harvest and store food to move from self-reliance into self-sufficiency.
  3. Well, I know how to stock up on canned food, but how do I start using that food when it is needed?




A bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon and honey with a glass of milk.


Peanut Butter and Honey sandwich


Fried Chicken, garden-fresh green beans, and mashed potatoes



Homemade Pancakes and maple syrup


Peanut Butter and Honey sandwich


spaghetti and meat sauce






old fashioned oats

Instant or quick oats (flavored or non) because it uses less energy to make


get two bottles of cinnamon next time we buy it

Peanut Butter

get an extra tub of peanut butter


get extra jar when at the store (keeps for a really long time)


buy a couple cans of canned chicken to pan fry or grill

Fresh Green Beans

get a couple cans of canned green beans which are not quite as good, but a decent emergency substitute.

Potatoes, mashed

get instant mashed potatoes that keep for a long time and are quick to make.


Eggs, milk, flour, etc. for pancakes

get instant, just add water pancake mix

Maple syrup

already keeps well, so just buy an extra one at store

Peanut Butter

see above


see above


keeps well, so buy an extra box at store

Hamburger, tomato, etc. for sauce

just buy the dried packets of spaghetti sauce to store for longer term storage, but you could also just have a jar of spaghetti sauce as well.


Call to Action:

  1. Get you a notebook, and start logging what you use, write on your calendar in a month to begin your averaging and begin buying

  2. Click LIKE below, and if you have already done that, then SHARE it.

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Here is a question regarding the "store what you eat, eat what you store" concept. 

What happens when you don't actually eat a lot of canned items. For example, my family mostly consumes fresh vegetable ingredients and we tend to have more of a diverse diet than some who eat the same thing week in and out. Our meat storage is usually the thing that is "stock piled", especially around Christmas when prime ribs go on sale and everyone is busy buying a turkey.

How would you approach this other than having a garden to work from? Fresh food tends to have a due date (when it wilts). 


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