017 Best Shotgun, Rifle, Handgun, Carbine for Beginners, Women, Men 4

017 Best Shotgun, Rifle, Handgun, Carbine for Beginners, Women, Men


017 Best Shotgun, Rifle, Handgun, Carbine for Beginners, Women, MenI discuss the best shotgun, best rifle, best handgun for concealed carry, and best carbine for beginners, women and men alike, to purchase or buy.



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Discussion: List of Basic First Guns, Frugal Way to Shop for Ammo

First Firearms:

  1. Shotgun

    1. Home Defense is the reason.

    2. Shotguns are cheap and reliable.

      1. Used vs New

    3. Pellets Spread and if you are using #4 Shot, it is a great home defense round

      1. Chances of hitting target is higher

      2. chances of shooting into another room is lower

    4. Home defense rounds

    5. 12 Ga

      1. 12 Ga pump is my favorite for hunting

    6. 20 Ga

      1. youth model is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and can be modified with different stocks, like a collapsible one.

      2. I don’t do it, but most can have tactical rails placed on them as well

    7. If I had to choose, I would choose 20 Ga

  2. HandGun

    1. Personal Defense

    2. .45 Cal, .40 Cal, 9mm, .357

      1. These are the most common police rounds

      2. Look for .357 Magnum, because they shoot .38 Special which is commonly available, but not really saught after during shortages.

      3. .44 Mag is generally available as well

  3. Rifle

    1. Souther “Big Game”

      1. 30-06

        1. Awesome round, and is the base for many other rounds

        2. Was overly expensive during the shortage, but still available.

      2. 30-30

        1. The go-to-round before the 30-06

        2. Was available, is generally cheap

        3. I recommend looking at a Marlin lever-action

      3. Mauser

        1. 7mm and 8mm

    2. Norther “Big Game”, the real stuff

      1. Go with a 300 Win-Mag or 300 Weatherby

      2. Expensive Rounds, but usually available, and you won’t shoot many

  4. Carbine

    1. Ruger Mini-14 (5.56 mm) or Mini-30 (7.62×39)

    2. Winchester 94 Trapper (.357), Puma 92 (.357/.38 or .44 Mag), Marlin 1894

      1. Go with the Puma 92, it seems to be cheaper than the others, and is known as a very reliable gun.

    3. M1 Carbine (.30) – Civilian Version

    4. Hi-Point (9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP)

    5. The obvious AR Platforms

  5. Stock up on what everyone else is ignoring as far as ammo goes.

    1. 12 Ga, 20 Ga

    2. 30-30

    3. .357 with .38 Special Backup

    4. 8mm Mauser


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Another advantage of the lever action carbine that I don't think you mentioned is the ability to top off the magazine easily.  Not that easy to do with a detachable magazine. 


I have an 8MM mauser and it is a blast to shoot.  I did have a lot of trouble finding ammo during the shortage and even now what I can find is very expensive.  I reload mine and it is cost effective.  I am not shooting it as much because of the powder shortage.  The gun is very heavy which reduces the recoil but makes it hard to lug around.  I don't know what I am complaining about as this gun was carried across Russia. 

You mentioned that you liked the action which is very nice.  A modern, lightweight version of this gun is available and is on my to-buy list, the Ruger Gunsight Scout uses the exact same Mauser action and weighs half as much.  It shoots a .308 out of a box mag though.  I like the internal of the German Mauser because the natural carry point of the rifle is at the magazine and the box mag messes that up.