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Bug Out Vehicle (BOV), Truck, Van Equipment Packing List


Housekeeping:Bug Out Vehicle (BOV), Truck, Van Equipment Packing List

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Discussion: I discuss bug out vehicles like trucks, vans, or RVs.  I also give you a Bug out vehicle equipment list or packing list.

Types of Bug Out Vehicles:

  • Assess your needs

  • Vans

  • Jeeps, Hummers, FJ Cruisers

  • RVs

  • AWD Cars

  • Prius

List of Needs:

  1. Water

  2. Food

  3. Shelter

  4. Security

  5. Energy/Light


Keep Water in your Bug Out Vehicle:

  • Priority #1

  • 2-3 Liters per person per day

  • 2-Liter Soda Bottles


The foods you should keep in your Bug Out Vehicle:

  • 3-Days supply for everyone beyond your BOB

  • Count pregnant or breastfeeding mothers as two people

  • Cans, Canopeners, Tabs

  • Freeze Dried Foods


Use your BOV as a shelter:


The security of your BOV:

  • Keep Pepper Spray

  • Keep Stun Gun

  • Strobing flashlight

  • I don’t keep gun in Vehicle, but if you do…


Energy, Light, and Warmth with your Bug Out Vehicle:

  • Lanterns, Flashlights, and Road Flares

  • 400W and 800W power inverter

  • Electric Blanket for each person

  • Wool Blanket for each

  • Space Blankets and bedsheets


Utilitarian Items for your B.O.V.:

  • Camp Shovel

  • Extra set of summer and winter clothing.

  • Jacket for each person

  • Decent hiking boots or shoes (and Chains)

  • Duct Tape (Or Duck Tape)

  • Navigation Items for your Bug Out Vehicle:

    • GPS Device
    • Marked up Maps (3 Routes, 3 Destinations, 3 Rally Points)
  • Notebook with Important information:

    • Banks, phone, account and routing info
    • Important Family and friends, addresses, phones, email, social names
    • Emergency numbers

Good Vehicle Reliability Items to keep in your Bug Out Vehicle:

  • Lengths of Chains and zip-ties, Kitty Litter

  • CB or Hamm Radio

  • Fuel Reserve…if possible

  • Spare Fuses

  • Belts and Hoses that fit the vehicle

  • Hose Clamps

  • Radiator, Transmission, and Tire Sealants

  • Anti-Freeze

  • Jumper Cables

  • Cigarette Lighter Air Compressor

  • Tire Plug Kit

  • Tool Kit (Full Wrench and Socket Set, Hammer)

  • Tow Straps


Tailor this to your own needs.

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