019 Define the Economy, Federal Reserve Bank, Inflation, Smart Money, Debt 3

Define the Economy, Federal Reserve Bank, Inflation, Smart Money, Debt


Define the Economy, Federal Reserve Bank, Inflation, Smart Money, DebtIn today’s Episode I Define the Economy, Explain the Federal Reserve Bank, Explain inflation and the cause, I discuss the option for smart money, and our debt



Call from Joe of Missouri: Wood pellet stove vs wood stove

  • Wood Stove Pro’s

    • Eats almost anything solid that is flammable (wood based)

    • No moving parts other than the door and the damper

    • Does not require electricity

    • You can cook on the top if its large enough

  • Pellet Stove Pro’s

    • As long as the hopper is full if produces effortless heat

    • Starting the fire is easy

  • Wood Stove Con’s

    • You have to empty the ashes on a regular basis

    • You have to feed it wood on a semi regular basis

    • Takes work to start the fire

  • Pellet Stove Con’s

    • Takes electricity to work

    • Pellets are pricey compared to cord wood

    • Many moving parts to break down

    • Expensive 600 vs 2000

  • Why not use a rocket mass heater

    • High efficiency

    • Clean Burning

    • Mass stays warm when fire is out

    • Most can be built for less than that of a wood stove


  • Money is a means of exchange for goods and services

  • The common agreement that money has worth is what make it so

  • Money has been used in many different forms

    • Cattle

    • Gold

    • Silver

    • Paper Money

    • Digital Currency

  • Most people think money is gold backed

  • Fiat Currency- value because government declared it so

  • Ours is Debt backed – Every Dollar you spend is backed by debt

This is how the Economy is run

  • Banks loan money that they don’t have

    • That money is placed in circulation

    • Now we have more money in the economy

  • Where do the banks get the money

    • The Fed loans them the money

  • Where Does the Fed get the money

    • Two Ways

      • They force “member banks” to keep money in the fed

      • They have the Mint print it for them

  • U.S. Monetary Aggregate Transparency:

    • M0: Cash and Coins… FederalReserve Notes, US Notes, Coins

    • M1: M0 + Deposits… Demand Deposits, Travelers Checks, Other Deposits

    • M2: M1 + Savings… Saving Accs, Money Market Accs, MM Mutual Funds, CDs under 100k.

    • M3: M2 + All other CDs (large deposits, institutional MM Mutual Fund balances), Deposits of Eurodollars, and Repurchase agreements

    • M4: M3 + Commercial Paper + Treasury Bills

    • 2006 Treasury stopped Publishing the M3 components except inst. MMMF

      • 2 years later… bailout… M3 STAT

  • So every dollar spent by the Government is created by the Mint through the Fed and is another debt backed dollar on the market

  • Now the Government has to pay the fed interest on all that debt, just like we do.

    • They have the IRS

    • They sell more Bonds to Fed and Us

    • Bonds in the 401k

    • MyRA

  • The government is taxing us to pay their debt interest!

    • more taxes = we have to work harder to earn the same amount even though our money is now worth less

    • taxed for the welfare as well


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It is refreshing to listen to somebody that is as aggravated with this stuff as I am.  Many podcasts just list off the abuses of the gov't in a calm and relaxed manner.  We need to be passionate about these things, but not go all Alex Jones.  Keep up the good work.


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