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Raising Chickens, Goats, Ducks, Hogs, Sheep, Rabbits, Cattle, and More


I tell you the best livestock to have on a homestead, such as raising Chickens, Bees, Goats, Guineas, Ducks, Geese, Quail, Hogs, Sheep, Catfish, Rabbits, and Cattle

Excuse the lack of written information on this weeks post, since All of the information is in the podcast, itself.  I really wanted to make this a printable list so you could take notes.  If you want the notes handed to you, scroll to the bottom of the show notes and go to my survivalist blog post at the bottom.


  1. Advantages of Chickens:

  2. Disadvantages of Chickens:

  3. Needs of Chickens:

  4. Labor of Chickens:

  5. Food of Chickens:

  6. Disease Concerns of Chickens:

  7. More:


  1. Advantages of Bees:

  2. Disadvantages of Bees:

  3. Needs of Bees:

  4. Labor of Bees:

  5. Food of Bees:

  6. Disease Concerns of Bees:

  7. More:


  1. Advantages of Goats:

  2. Disadvantages of Goats:

  3. Needs of Goats:

  4. Labor of Goats:

  5. Food of Goats:

  6. Disease Concerns of Goats:

  7. More


  1. Advantages of Guineas:

  2. Disadvantages of Guineas:

  3. Needs of Guineas:

  4. Labor of Guineas:

  5. Food of Guineas:

  6. More:


  1. Advantages of Ducks:

  2. Disadvantages of Ducks:

  3. Needs of Ducks:

  4. Labor of Ducks:

  5. Food of Ducks:

  6. Disease Concerns of Ducks:

  7. More:


  1. Advantages of Geese:

  2. Disadvantages of Geese:

  3. Needs of Geese:

  4. Labor of Geese:

  5. Food of Geese:

  6. Disease Concerns of Geese:

  7. More:


  1. Advantages of Quail:

  2. Disadvantages of Quail:

  3. Needs of Quail:

  4. Labor of Quail:

  5. Food of Quail:

  6. Disease Concerns of Quail:

  7. More:


  1. Advantages of Hogs:

  2. Disadvantages of Hogs:

  3. Needs of Hogs:

  4. Labor of Hogs:

  5. Food of Hogs:

  6. Disease Concerns of Hogs:

  7. More:


  1. Advantages of Sheep:

  2. Disadvantages of Sheep:

  3. Needs of Sheep:

  4. Labor of Sheep:

  5. Food of Sheep:

  6. Disease Concerns of Sheep:

  7. More:


  1. Advantages of Catfish:

  2. Disadvantages of Catfish:

  3. Needs of Catfish:

  4. Labor of Catfish:

  5. Food of Catfish:

  6. More:


  1. Advantages of Rabbits:

  2. Disadvantages of Rabbits:

  3. Needs of Rabbits:

  4. Labor of Rabbits:

  5. Food of Rabbits:

  6. Disease Concerns of Rabbits:

  7. More:


  1. Advantages of Cattle:

  2. Disadvantages of Cattle:

  3. Needs of Cattle

  4. Labor of Cattle:

  5. Food of Cattle:

  6. Disease Concerns of Cattle:

  7. More:

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Call to Action: I want you to decide if any of these animals are possible in your situation, and answer why or why not.  Then decide if you should be in a different position.  Then create a plan to get there.

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The big farm animals do not apply to me, but I think rabbits, chickens and ducks are pretty doable!


I can't vouch for everyone else but my brain works in lists and highlights  :)   So this was perfect to me! 

And I love how you broke down every aspects of each animal. Made my life easier in selecting what I want to raise in the very near future


LOve this!!  Very concise and informative!

Ken Jensen
Ken Jensen moderator

@SuperLise Thank you.  It took alot of will power not to just fly off and keep going on the chickens, ducks, and rabbits.  I know you began as a reader on my blog.  How do you like the podcast now?

Ken Jensen
Ken Jensen moderator

@SuperLise  I am glad you like it.  I wasn't sure it would be received well since it was very "listy".