I Am Sick of Glyphosates, Use Homemade Weed Killer Like Vinegar


I am sick AGAIN. Why? I am sick of glyphosates being sprayed all of the time. People, if you MUST kill weeds, use a homemade weed killer like vinegar.

I am sick this time every year.  This always happens when they are spraying the fields around here.  I tell people about how toxic these things are.  Well, here in the heart of cotton, corn, and wheat country, they spray all of the time.

Not only do they all spray this crap on our wonderful GMO foods, but it gets in the air and I get sick.  Because of this, and the fact that I care about my health enough, I will not be posting or podcasting this week.  Sorry… blame Monsanto!

If you have to use a weedkiller, use vinegar people… even though weeds are the way nature prepares soil for more production.

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