025 Gardening 101, Starting a Garden for Edible Landscaping

025 Gardening 101, Starting a Garden for Edible Landscaping


025 Gardening 101, Starting a Garden for Edible LandscapingHousekeeping:

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Discussion: Starting a garden or Gardening 101.  Lots of information packed to assist you with your upcoming edible landscaping.

  1. Why gardening?

    1. More Info: Survival Tactics: Hunting and Farming at the Correct Times

    2. Economic collapse scenario

      1. Population over 315 million people leads to food shortage

      2. Lots will be hunting

      3. People have nearly extinced many species

    3. Need to learn to farm before this

    4. You will then be glad that you turned to farming

  2. Soil

    1. More Info: Making a Garden Plot: How to Make Soil Nutrient Rich

    2. We destroy soil today

      1. Tilling

      2. Plants root at depth that they thrive at based on soil layers

    3. Forest soil

      1. 14 in leaves as mulch

        1. Constantly breaking down

      2. Organic, rich humus, or dirt

      3. We recreate this process:

        1. Newspaper or cardboard

          1. 2-3 inches

        2. 4 inches of mulch

        3. Late fall, early winter

          1. Helps breakdown

        4. Water area every day

  3. Square foot gardening

    1. More Info:

      1. Square Garden Design: Guide to Square Foot Gardening Spacing

      2. How to Get Plants to Grow (Raised square garden design)

    2. Intensive management system

    3. Uses high density companion planting

    4. 4×4’ raised bed

    5. 1 foot squares

    6. Non-pleasing informational guide

    7. Way to get started

  4. Companion vegetables

    1. More Info: Planting Companion Vegetables and Herbs

    2. Benefits

      1. Systematic

      2. Symbiotic relationship of plants

        1. Soil

        2. Pests

        3. Healthy insects and predators

  5. Permaculture

    1. Cuba was a mainly permaculture recovery

    2. Build this into your systems and bug out locations

      1. More Info: The Best Bugout Location ( BOL ) Development Ideas

    3. Swales

    4. Hugelkultur

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