026 Urban Survival Skills, Urban Agriculture, Bugging In Apartment 2

026 Urban Survival Skills, Urban Agriculture, Bugging In Apartment_Building


026 Urban Survival Skills, Urban Agriculture, Bugging In Apartment_BuildingHousekeeping:

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Discussion: Urban survival skills are needed for the modern day prepper with little land.  If you must be bugging in your apartment, listen up. Urban Agriculture is just one example of the skills you need.

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  • Many survival people overlook Apartment dwellers

    • No home or land to work with

  • Don’t live in an Apartment

    • too many close neighbors

      • they won’t be prepared

      • they will ALL be asking for help

    • limited space

    • too many regulation

      • this included suburban lots

      • I experienced this

  • Preparing the Apartment

    • First, Have a great bug-out plan

    • If you MUST bug-in in an apartment

      • Water

        • 2-2liter bottles per person per day

        • Keep a couple in the freezer

          • Use them in coolers

        • bathtub is 50 gallons, fill before storms

        • sinks are all 2-5 gallons

      • Food

        • copy canning

        • freeze-dried foods

          • both last a long time

          • both are edible with little to no cooking

        • Use window sills for planting

        • Plant on balconies

          • hugel planters, compost and topsoil

      • Utility Electronics

        • lots of flashlights or headlamps

        • Emergency radios with multiple power sources

          • one handcrank option

        • 200W inverter

        • 800W inverter

        • Really long extension cord

        • Inverter Generators

          • quiet

          • fuel in 15 gallon drums

      • Documents

        • Copies of important documents in a binder

        • keep originals in fireproof safe

        • Examples:

          • Licenses

          • Ownership papers

            • deeds

            • titles

          • Investment documentation

          • Bank Info

          • Birth Certificates

      • First Aid

        • Good All-inclusive first aid kit

        • Preferably kept in a backpack

          • keeps it accessible at home or on the go

        • Consider keeping 6 months to a year of maintenance meds depending upon expiration

      • Sanitation

        • TP

        • wipes

        • deodorants

        • dry soaps

        • feminin products

          • pads

        • 6 months to a year

      • Mindset (just use your noggin)

        • Make use of every possible space available

          • under beds

          • coffee tables and canned foods

          • redundancy of scattered supplies

        • filling up tubs and sinks

        • Leave BEFORE you are stuck at home

      • Money

        • two weeks cash on hand

          • then work to a month and then six monts

        • Many hard assets retain value when the dollar has none

          • no land, gold, silver, copper

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Great post! For sanitation, wouldn't it be worthwhile to include a bucket, shovel, and heavy duty trash bags?  If the SHTF and normal utilities like water & sewer weren't working, a makeshift toilet would be ideal... Just a suggestion.

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