027 Cliven Bundy, Bureau of Land Management fight over BLM Land 2


027 Cliven Bundy, Bureau of Land Management fight over BLM Landpodcast.  Today, I discuss the fight over BLM land between Cliven Bundy (and supporters) and the Bureau of Land Management (and government agencies).  I give all the facts and give my opinions on it.  They may surprise you, so go ahead and listen up.  Outline of the show:

  • 1877: Cliven Bundy’s Family Ranches land
  • 1946: Bureau of Land Management established
  • 1989: Desert Tortoise is listed as endangered
  • 1990: Listing changed to threatened
  • 1993: Bundy’s permit was revoked
  • 1995: Bomb goes off in U.S. Forest Service office in Carson City, Nevada
  • 1996: 2 pipe bombs go off in USFS office again
  • 1998: Injunction issued against Cliven Bundy.
  • 2002: Cliff Gardner, another local rancher, was tried and sentenced in federal court.
  • 2012: BLM Threatens to remove cattle, abandons plan, then center for Biological Diversity files suit against BLM for it, then BLM files seeking injunction against Bundy
  • 2013: Huge arguments on HOW to prevent extinction of various animals.
  • 2013, Aug: Bundy ordered to remove cattle from federal land
  • 2013, Oct: Bundy ordered to stay out of way of federal efforts to impound
  • 2014, Mar 15: Threatened to take his cattle
  • 2014, Mar 27: BLM closes off 322,000 Acres, prepares to take Cliven’s cattle.  Bundy files, “Range War Emergency Notice and Demand for Protection.”
  • 2014, Apr 1: Bundy Family “bunkers” down.
  • 2014, Apr 5: Cattle Round-up by BLM
  • 2014, Apr 6: Son arrested
  • 2014, Apr 9: Two more family members are injured in a confrontation
  • 2014, Apr 10: Protest Camp and Militia arriving.  Immoral plan.
  • 2014, Apr 12: BLM stops seizing cattle
  • 2014, Apr 17: Harry Reid called supporter, “domestic terrorists.”

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Hey! Loving the beta version. Got the girlfriend on board. We have to restart this week because we have made drastic changes in our life for the better.

Thank you!

Ken Jensen
Ken Jensen moderator

@kylestarkey1  Glad to hear that you like it.  I hope that you will really use it because, you can't find what you think it should have and then I cant make it better.  This is your chance to make it what you think it should be.  I have questions that I will send out in the middle of the test and possibly at the end of the test.  Some of which will include things like How I could clarify the instructions, how I could deliver the product to people easier or how you would like it delivered, and how much you would actually pay for something like this.  I think it took a total of 2-3 months for me to compile all of that awesome info, so ENJOY IT, lol.