028 Raising Chickens: What Do Chickens Eat, How to Butcher Chicken, and more…


I discuss raising chickens. This includes how to butcher a chicken, what do chickens eat, chicken predators and pests, chicken health problems and diseases, and even more.


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  • Benefits of Chickens

    • Funny

    • Lots of eggs

    • Meat

  • What Chickens Eat

    • Foods for Chickens

      • Free-range birds

      • Paddock Shift

        • Parts of the Grass

          • first 50%

          • next 20%

          • last 30%

      • Chicken Tractors

      • Chicken Run (not great idea)

    • Chicken Treats

      • Meal Worms

    • Water Needs

  • Needs of your Chickens

    • Chicks

      • Heat Lamp know how

      • Not in the house

      • Check on them often

    • Shelter

      • Roosts

      • Cleaning

      • Open and Closing Door (idea?)

    • Dust Baths

    • Move them around so they don’t get smelly

  • Chicken Problems

    • Predators

      • Raccoon, Dog, Hawks, Coyote, Foxes, Predator Cats

    • Egg Predators

      • Minks, Skunks, Snakes, Rats

    • Pests

      • Worms

      • Lice

      • Mites

      • Ticks

    • Sicknesses

      • Infectious Bronchitis, Avian Pox, Botulism, Cholera, Mareks, Thrush

  • Paddock Shifting your Chickens

    • 4 and 5 Paddock setups

      • stationary coops

    • Mobile Coops

    • Tractors and shifting

  • Butchering Chickens for Poultry

    • Roosters

    • Older hens

    • How to:

      • Humanely Butchering

        • Don’t feed the day before

        • Hang

        • Neck

      • Decapitate

      • Scald

        • Turkey Fryer on a propane burner

        • 165 degrees F

        • 30 seconds

      • Can Ice and scald again

      • Feathers pluck easily when done

      • Hang and pluck

      • Small hairs

        • propane torch to quickly remove stray hairs

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