029 Stress Inoculation Training for Hand to Hand Combat (Interview)

Stress Inoculation Training for Hand to Hand Combat (Interview)


Stress Inoculation Training for Hand to Hand Combat (Interview)I interview Vaughn Cassidy, survival combat expert from the Jackson, TN area, about Stress Inoculation training and its role in hand to hand combat and real world scenarios fighting.

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Drills For Stress Inoculation as it relates to combative scenarios


Milton Vaughn Cassidy


  • Been involved in Survival Arts for almost Twenty Years.

  • Avid Crossfit trainer and martial art instructor.

  • He is currently writing a fiction novel about Vampires.

  • He is a professional environmental consultant and waste reduction specialist.

  • Where do you train?


  1. What is stress inoculation training?

  2. What is the point to SIT? “real life” stressors in controlled environment

  3. typical training scenario.

  4. benefits of using stress inoculation training

  5. staying safe during stress inoculation

  6. advantage of full-force and full-speed offensive and defensive techniques

  7. situational awareness, perception or analysis of dangerous situations

  8. Effects of SIT on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  9. Positive Pain Reinforcement

  10. difference between SIT for martial arts and combat scenarios

  11. taking a traditional martial art to real world effectiveness

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