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Road Trip Tips and Travel Checklist - Packing List Advisor: Funny Travel, Funny Trip


Road Trip Tips and Travel Checklist - Packing List Advisor: Funny Travel, Funny TripI am your Travel Checklist or Packing List Advisor today.  Allow me to explain some road trip tips and how to prepare yourself for ANYTHING that comes along!  So just listen up and I will give you tons of great advice to prepare yourselves prior to venturing out.

You are Vulnerable When Traveling

  • Travel, Far from Home
  • Less Supplies at our Disposal
  • Unknown Future Weather Conditions
  • The Intentions of Other People are Unknown
  • We Don’t Know What “Areas” to stay away from

Auto Maintenance for a Safe Trip

  • Perform General Preventative Maintenance

  • Before Trips Prepare your Vehicle

    • Have fluids changed
    • Have good balanced tires
      • Plenty of tread left
      • You better have a spare tire
      • Air Compressor
    • Fill that tank up
    • Just be sure your wipers aren’t too old
    • Things to Have in your vehicle (not all inclusive.  For that go to my podcast about bug out vehicles)
      • First Aid Kit
      • Blanket
      • Spare Fuses
      • Flashlight with Extra batteries
      • Flares/Reflective Devices
      • Tool Kit
        • Good even if you can’t do maintenance
        • A good set with sockets (incl spark plug), wrenches, and screwdrivers minimum
        • Luck is made!
      • Extra Fan Belt (serpentine)
      • Water
      • Jumper Cables
      • Duct or Electrical Tape
      • Jack/Lug nut Wrench
      • Sand, Kitty Litter (winter)
      • Tow Strap
      • Maps of trip
        • Low Tech option
        • Fuel Stops Marked
    • Have your “Get Home Bag” in your car
      • Just use your appropriately stocked Bug Out Bag for this
      • One for each person
  • Items to have on you during your trip, even when not in vehicle

  • Don’t be Dumb when traveling

    • Don’t Go to Stupid Place with Stupid People and do Stupid Stuff
    • Social Media announcements
    • Talking to strangers
    • Don’t let your gas tank go below half full
    • Have an exit strategy
      • something happens, the main roads may be blocked
      • alternate routes are key

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