032 The Preppers Emergency Family Survival Guide: Making Learning Fun


The Preppers Emergency Family Survival Guide: Making Learning Fun

We all need the preppers emergency FAMILY survival guide, because we want to make learning fun for our family. We want to include them and to foster enjoyment in prepping.

  1. My issue with Preppers:

    1. the do it yourself attitude (sort of)
    2. TEOTWAWKI will happen TODAY
    3. Traps that Preppers fall into:
      1. Acquisition of stuff
        1.  Stuff runs us
        2. Improper attitude (bulk storage vs good food)
        3. Financial ruin (stuff is expensive)
  1. It isn’t all about hurry up and get stuff for preps

    1. It is about skill
    2. It is about family
  1. How to Make Prepping a Family Activity

    1. Food

      1. Gardening
        1. Plant
        2. Weed
      2. Teach them about the wild edibles in the yard, and what it means if you eat the wrong thing.
      3. Livestock
        1. Feed
        2. Collect Eggs
        3. Assisting in herding or paddock shifting
    2. Water

      1. Teach them to conserve water
      2. You can teach the no-nonsense water acquisition techniques
        1. Bathtub
        2. Hotwater heater
        3. Rain catchment
        4. Wilderness Procurement
          1. Stills
          2. Ground Filtration
          3. Life pens
          4. Boiling and filtration
  1. Shelter

    1. Teach them to set up a tent

    2. When you make repairs, include them in it

    3. Teach them to build shelters in the wilderness

  1. Security

    1. Run drills

    2. 911

    3. They should know where to go

    4. Escape scenarios

  1. Health/Sanitation

    1. Teaching them first aid techniques

    2. Wilderness sanitary etiquette

    3. Go through contents of first aid kits

    4. Teach about essential oils

  1. Energy

    1. Teach to build fires when camping

    2. Let them in on your solar projects

    3. Self-regulated rechargeable batteries (their own)

  1. Projects

    1. It may take longer (a lot) but if you include them in it

    2. You build knowledge, skill, and IQ

    3. You are doubling up your time and spending it with them

    4. You teach them proactivity

  1. Fun

    1. Wrestle

    2. Game night

  1. Always strive to improve as a parent or spouse.

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