035 Charging a Lead Acid Car, Marine, or Deep-Cycle Battery Bank

Charging a Lead Acid Car, Marine, or Deep-Cycle Battery Bank: Schumacher SE-1555A 3-Stage Smart Battery Charger with Maintenance and Desulfation


Charging a Lead Acid Car, Marine, or Deep-Cycle Battery Bank: Schumacher SE-1555A 3-Stage Smart Battery Charger with Maintenance and DesulfationI teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about charging a car battery, marine battery, or other deep-cycle battery for your battery bank. Charging a lead acid battery is easy if you pay attention to this podcast.  I teach you all about smart-chargers, and how they function.


News Segment by J.Bradbury of PreparePDX.com:

Discussion: The Best Battery Chargers to use

I was trying to decide how I would present this information to all of you, and I realized that Steven Harris of Solar1234.com and of Battery1234.com did a terrific job on the audio presented on his websites, so I decided to use his information (and hopefully he doesn’t mind) on most of this topic, with some more detail added by me to unnecessarily expound on the wonderful information that he has provided.  If you decide to purchase ANYTHING that I have discussed today, please go to Steven’s websites and purchase from him through HIS affiliate links, to thank him for all of his hard work.

  1. Basic types of chargers

    1. Dumb Battery Chargers or Manual Battery Chargers

      1. Manual Chargers

      2. trickle charger

    2. Smart Automatic Battery Chargers

      1. Get a 3 stage smart charger!

      2. actually 4 stages…

      3. Best Charger Brand for these would be Shumacher

    3. 30A smart charger, and 100A battery

      1. Charge in 3.5 hrs right?

      2. 80% in 4 hrs

      3. 100% in 12 hrs

  2. All of the Stages of a Smart Charger Explained

    1. Stage 1: Assess and Bulk Charge

      1. Determine DOD

      2. Dump 30A till about 80%

      3. 4 Hrs

    2. Stage 2: Absorption Charge

      1. “Topping Charge”

      2. Start at 30A at 80%

      3. slowly reduce down to 5A as charge goes up

      4. at 5A at 95% charge

      5. about 5Hrs

    3. Stage 3: Float Charge

      1. “Trickle Charge”

      2. 1-2A

      3. Last 2-5% of battery

      4. Until 100% Charge

      5. about 2-3 Hrs

      6. Typical “trickle” chargers

        1. Can’t charge a dead battery (wall)

        2. Dumb

          1. will boil water out of a battery

    4. Unofficial Stage 4: Maintenance Mode

      1. at 100%

        1. Charger reads volts and chooses current to keep battery at 100%

        2. fractions of an amp

      2. Also removes Sulfation of plates, which extends battery life

        1. Any Sulfur on plates instead of solution

        2. Lead Sulfate- Normal crystals, but they will harden if left for a long time

        3. Hardening begins around 2 weeks

        4. really starts around a month

        5. around 6 months, the sulfated area is useless

        6. if battery is dead, it will be useless

  3. For Larger Battery banks, use a Schumacher 55A Smart charger

    1. We stay consumer grade for money

    2. if you charge for over 24 hrs, you will have to restart

      1. it will think you have a dead battery, but it may just be the size of the system

  4. A List of Different Shumacher Brand Smart Chargers:

    1. Schumacher XC6 SpeedCharge 6 Amp Battery Charger

    2. Schumacher XC10 SpeedCharge 10 Amp Battery Charger

    3. Schumacher XC12 SpeedCharge 12 Amp Battery Charger

    4. Schumacher XCS15 SpeedCharge 15 Amp Ship ‘n Shore Battery Charger (One marine battery on a budget)

    5. Schumacher SC-10030A SpeedCharge 2/12-30/100 Amp Automatic Charger and Maintainer

    6. Schumacher XC103 SpeedCharge 100 Amp Battery Charger with Engine Start (This for 2 or less batteries, Great for a Marine Battery)

    7. Schumacher PSC-12500A DSR ProSeries 125/15-40/2 Amp 6/12 Volt Automatic SpeedCharge Hybrid Battery Charger/Starter (Battery Banks of 2-4 batteries… ON THE GO)

    8. Schumacher SE-1555A Automatic Elite Wheel 12 Volt Battery Charger with Engine Start 50 Amps (Battery Banks of 4 or more batteries…AT HOME)

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