038 Examples of Renewable Resources and Different Types of Energy

Examples of Renewable Resources and Different Types of Energy: Alternative Energy Chart

  • 038 Examples of Renewable Resources and Different Types of Energy038 Examples of Renewable Resources and Different Types of Energy038 Examples of Renewable Resources and Different Types of EnergyExamples of Renewable Resources and Different Types of Energy: Alternative Energy ChartTodays Discussion:

    • Learn all about different examples of renewable resources to use in your power needs and the different types of energy sources that are available for you.

    • Different alternative energy sources, viable and non-viable

  • What we have discussed:

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Different Types of Alternative Energy

  1. Solar

    1. Types

      1. Voltaic

      2. Thermal

      3. Light

      4. Another that I get to later

    2. Instantly think solar panels (solar voltaics)

      1. Visualize home with tons of panels

      2. Keep high consumption, low carbon footprint

      3. Pros

        1. Resiliency

        2. Simple construction

        3. Awesome technology for small scale applications

        4. Almost Maintenance Free

      4. Cons

        1. Where did the sun go?

        2. Expensive

        3. Not truly sustainable

        4. Lacks Sufficient Production as you reach the two Poles

      5. Efficiency: 21.5% is best, Typical is 12-18%

        1. 90% after 10 years

        2. 80% after 20 years

        3. Will take a minimum of 10 years to pay back

        4. Adding large focal lenses will intensify and make much more productive

      6. $.60 per watt

      7. Lasts 25-40 years

      8. Mounting

        1. Solar Tracker

        2. Fixed Rack

        3. Roof Mounting

    3. Best options for solar Energy (Solar Thermal)

      1. Heating

        1. Hot water

        2. Solar heating systems for home

        3. Parabolic Devices useful for home

      2. Thermal Masses

        1. Maintain Temperatures

      3. Cooking

        1. Solar Oven

          1. Insulated Container with Clear Top

        2. Sun Tea

        3. Sun drying and dehydrating

      4. Water purification

        1. Evaporation and condensation

          1. Make Salt Water or Brackish Water Potable

        2. SODIS

          1. Pete Bottles

      5. Clothes Lines

      6. Lighting

        1. Bottles with water

        2. Solar Lights

  2. Wind

    1. Commercial

    2. Residential

    3. Propeller vs Jet

    4. Constant Wind Required

      1. Generally an intermitten power source

    5. Kinetic energy to mechanical energy

      1. Mills

      2. Generator

      3. Pumps

      4. Neat idea that I will cover soon

    6. 50kW or less is considered small-scale

    7. Good to supplement with photovoltaic for electric generation

    8. http://www.windpoweringamerica.gov/pdfs/small_wind/small_wind_guide.pdf

    9. Honeywell WT6500, or Windtronics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFve0DPCvuU

  3. Geothermal

    1. Geothermal Steam Engine

    2. Home

      1. Geothermal heat pump

      2. Under your home

      3. Deep pond

    3. http://cleversurvivalist.com/2014/02/19/how-does-forced-air-geothermal-energy-work-for-year-round-plants/

  4. Hydroelectric

    1. Hydro

    2. Micro Hydro

      1. Most efficient form for the money

      2. Usually used with other sources

      3. Required water fall

      4. Use wind to pump water into storage for hydro power

    3. Tidal

      1. Big Turbine in the water

  5. Biomass / Biogas / Wood / Methane

    1. Anaerobic Decomposition

    2. Burning Wood / Biomass (Combustion)

      1. Wood Stove

      2. Rocket Stove (http://cleversurvivalist.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/image006-300×200.jpg

      3. Wood is True Solar Energy

      4. Wood is Most cost-effective

      5. Wood Gas Stoves http://cleversurvivalist.com/2014/02/03/pyrolysis-wood-or-biomass-gasification-for-energy-independence/

    3. Methane

      1. Rotting Organic matter

        1. Anaerobic decomposition

        2. Another Solar Energy

      2. Manure

    4. Ethanol

      1. Ethanol may be made by any high starch substance.

      2. You just distill it, aka moonshine

      3. Half Ethanol and Half Gasoline does fine in any car

    5. BioDiesel

      1. used cooking oil / animal fat

      2. grease, methanol, lye

  6. Hydrogen/Fuel Cells – Don’t like it because it is expensive and unsustainable

    1. Even if it isn’t an alternative fuel, I like natural gas instead

  7. Radiant Energy Generators

    1. Fuelless

    2. Self running

    3. Nikola Tesla’s magnifying transmitter

    4. T. Henry Moray’s Radiant Energy Device

    5. Edwin Gray’s EMA motor

    6. Paul Baumann’s Testatika machine

    7. Gathered from

      1. Environment

      2. Ordinary electricity

      3. Fractionation

  1. Bicycle and Rotational Mechanical Devices:

    1. Alternator ($65)

    2. Tape Drive Motor ($100-150)

    3. Switched DC or Stepper Motors (computer equipment) (huge variation in price)

    4. Risher and Paykel Smartdrive (washing machine manufacturer from new xealand) http://www.watchtv.net/~rburmeister/products.html ($95)

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