040 Introduction to Honeybees and Facts about Keeping Bees


In this episode, I go through an introduction to Honeybees and explain many facts about bees and keeping bees that you may want to know before you start.Introduction to Honeybees and Facts about Keeping Bees

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Discussion: Why Beekeeping is a Great thing to do, Bees and Colonies

  1. Beekeeping is the perfect thing for the organic farmer

    1. use as key pollinator

      1. responsible for $15 billion in added crop value

  2. Create honey that people pay good money for with your bees

    1. Local honey

      1. Raw, unprocessed

      2. Great for people with allergies

      3. Almost indefinite shelf life

        1. hardens

  3. Very Little work involved with beekeeping

    1. They work to make honey and pollen

      1. Free labor for you

    2. Independent animals

      1. you could be involved as little as twice a year

  4. You can get Beeswax from keeping bees

    1. Candles

    2. Lipbalm

  5. Bees Can Sting You so be careful

    1. If you keep and are allergic, be extremely careful

    2. Carry an epi pen and/or benedryl

  6. Beekeeping is Cheap to do

    1. Initial Cost

      1. 3-400 dollars

      2. This is an investment in

        1. sustainability

        2. self reliance

        3. money generating workers

      3. Most of the cost here is equipment, not the bees

        1. if you kill them, they can be replaced

  7. The first Year of Beekeeping and what you should know about it:

    1. It will suck

    2. Learn the ins, outs, ups, downs

    3. Very little profit

    4. kill off your hive

    5. Patience is key for the beginner

      1. after a couple years, everything will fall into sync

      2. You will coexist with them

      3. You will ultimately get

        1. Wax

        2. Honey

        3. Pollen

        4. Lots of veggies and fruit

    6. Learn from a local keeper

      1. even commercial keepers

      2. they may not be doing things sustainable

        1. but you WILL learn useful techniques

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