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Listen up and learn how to snowball your debt and get rid of it using Dave Ramsey’s “Debt Snowball” method as well as the investment Debt Snowball your Debt and Survival Investment Strategystrategy best used in survival.

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  1. Debt, What is Debt, and How to get out of debt

    1. Debt is a trap and money not what it used to be

    2. Become debt free using the debt snowball

    3. If you can’t pay cash, don’t buy it

      1. Credit cards

      2. Student loans

      3. Car payments

      4. Medical bills

  2. Cash Savings, How to save cash and budget for it

    1. Small attainable goals

    2. Emergency Cash, 200, 400, 500, 700, 1200, 1500, 3000

    3. Get rid of groupon and livingsocial

    4. Pay attention to cheap vs value

  3. Resilient Investment System, What to invest in

    1. Stocks

    2. Bonds

    3. Land

    4. Precious Metals

    5. Cash and Bitcoin

    6. Typical advice:

      1. diversify (which isn’t really diversifying)

      2. and ride out the bubbles in hopes that it will come back

    7. Some less fragile advice

      1. Tangibles: land, skills, health, tools, metals

      2. Local community

  4. Cash Flow, Get the Most Cash in and the least cash flow out

    1. Make more money and spend less

    2. Reduce your Utilities cost

      1. Electricity

      2. Gas

      3. Water

      4. Trash

      5. Phone/mobile

      6. Internet

      7. Cable

  5. Time is king

  6. Budget it!

  7. Financial advisors that are not trained to sell products by their institutions.

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