044: History of Labor Day, Date or When It Is, Labor Union Involvement

History of Labor Day, Date or When It Is, Labor Union Involvement

History of labor day

History of Labor Day, Date or When It Is, Labor Union Involvement

It is all about the upcoming holiday, Labor Day!

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Answer the following:

  • What is Labor Day?

  • What is the history of Labor Day?

  • When is Labor Day? or What is Labor Day’s date?

  • What is the labor union’s involvement in the history of labor day?

What is Labor Day?

  • Holiday said to celebrate the common working man or woman and how they have built the United States.

  • People take the day off for this, ironically enough.

What is the history of Labor Day?

  • First Labor Day Observance law passed Feb 21, 1887 in Oregon.

  • 30 states have followed suit by 1894.

  • June 28th congress passed an act that the first Monday in September will be the holiday.

What is the labor union’s involvement in the history of labor day?

  • Labor Day is lined with the blood of many workers that died at the hands of tyranny.

  • Pullman Strike:

    • “Civil Conflict” between American Railway Union and Railroad workers against Pullman Company, General Managers’ Association, The U.S. Army,

    • During the panic of 1893, Pullman Palace Car Company cut wages

    • George Pullman refused to lower rent for workers at same time

    • Many of the workers joined the American Railway Union

    • Response from General Manager’s Association was to hire black people (explain racism of the time) adding racial tension

    • In 1984 , after a peaceful rally for the strike, workers set fire to buildings and derailed a loco, and lots of sympathy strikers began striking across the western states

    • The federal government, under Grover Cleveland, had to get involved and an injunction was obtained barring union leaders from supporting the strike.

    • The American Railway Union ignored, so troops were called to enforce the injunction.

    • When a general Union Strike was called by Eugene Debs, president of the American Railway Union, but the other Unions opposed it.

    • Thousands of U.S. Marshals and 12000 U.S. Army troops were sent to stop the strike, because they wanted the mail running again.

    • When you send troops and wage war on angry people, they get more angry and try to fight back!

    • 30 Workers were killed and 57 wounded at the hands of the us military and us marshals

  • What did the media, have to say?:

    • Of course they sided with government and ran smear campaigns against the boycotters

  • At the end of the strike:

    • Debs was arrested, and got six months in prison

    • When this happened Grover Cleveland had to stop the potential riots, so congress quickly and unanimously signed within six days of the end of the strike.

      • They didn’t want more strikes popping up.

    • After the fact, A national commission was appointed to investigate the strike, and found Pullman’s party and the operations of his town to blame for the strike.

    • They annexed his town to Chicago.

  • What Labor Day is Not

    • A day of pride in the ability to work

  • What Labor Day Is

    • A day created as a peace treaty to stop the rioting and strikes that were about to occur in response to the massacre of unarmed workers.

    • I do NOT celebrate Labor Day, a day of massacre.

    • Today it is a day to make all of the sheep and zombies of the nation proud to be a part of the matrix.

      • Be happy and celebrate that you are a battery for a system designed to exploit you further.

      • Be a mouse in the wheel generating more tax revenue for the government that makes rules to benefit the labor union, but not you.

    • They don’t want you to build a life of resiliency so you can govern yourself, and so you don’t have to take other peoples crap.

    • It all rolls downhill, and if you are downhill, then get out your waders, because you are waste deep in everybody’s feces.

    • If you are not part of the club, stop trying to build it up.  It is time to get out of it.

    • You don’t have to leave your job, just build resiliency and sustainability in your life, so you can say “pack sand.”



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