049: Finding True North Using A Compass, The North Star, The Sun-Stick-Shadow Method

Finding True North Using Compass

Finding True North

Stick Shadow-Tip Method To Find East and West

A throwback issue from episode 7 about finding true north using a compass, the north star, the sun-stick-shadow method, and even more, such as

Show Notes: theprepperpodcast.com/049, theprepperpodcast.com/findingnorth

Finding True North Using Compass

Finding True North Using Compass


I am on a vacation:

  1. Lots of hiking, trees, and waterfalls
  2. Once I am back from vacation, I will be in middle of a maintenance outage.
  3. A busy 3 weeks for me, so I have to give you a few “best-of” podcasts
  4. I also may be slow to answer people in email and social media


  1. theprepperpodcast.com/howtobeaprepper
  2. I have not one, but two new medical products coming out!  One was to be part of the other, but during recording, I decided to separate it, just due to the shear importance of it.  It is… The GUN CARRIER’S trauma kit!
  3. Maybe next week, I will tell you what the other training is


Not enough questions for the one year anniversary but I will answer them in another show at a later date, to join in, send me questions!!!

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  2. Email me (ken (a) theprepperpodcast (dot) com)
  3. comments in show notes
  4. best method is to call: 978-KNOWS-IT or 978-566-9748

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