053: Everything From Batteries to Vehicles: News Segment and Survival Tactical Belt Military Belt

golf cart battery bank


This is episode 53, and today I am answering all of your questions for the second week in a row.  Everything from batteries to vehicles.  I also have a news segment and product review.

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JBradbury is BACK!!!

News Segment

I have been asked for product reviews

Product Review:

Rodut (TM) Survival Tactical Belt Military Belt CQB Rigger’s Belt

survival tactical belt


  • Amazon:
    • Highly durable and versatile tactical CQB rigger belt.
    • Suitable for law enforcement and military use.
    • Durable metal buckle and hook Adjustable size
    • Sturdily constructed and built to last .
    • Offers an incredible 7,000 lb. tensile strength .
    • Features parachute grade buckles and adapters.
  • Colors:
    • Black
    • OD Green
    • Desert Sand Brown

I read good and bad reviews of this belt and decided that it was worth trying.

didn’t seem really thick.

It was, however, exactly what was on the photos.

wanting a good tactical belt for a holster.

The 1 1/2″ Nylon webbing did the job.

You do have to have it snug on your waste if you own a crappy holster that is top heavy and bulky, but with a proper holster, this belt works perfectly.

I put it on and it seemed to retain position extremely well.

For pants that have adjustable bands, this is a great belt to make a comfortable, yet firm fit.

The CQB rigger is just a metal triangular piece that you can tie to or hook a carabineer to for all kinds of tasks.  It also has a Velcro latch to make sure the rigger device stays out of your way for every day movement.

If I had one complaint, it would be the width of the buckle.

This belt can also be used for a makeshift tourniquet if needed.

The next is that I think the hook and latch (Velcro) will give up after quite some time.

I think this is a great belt for the cost.

Shawn from Massachusetts 2nd question

bug out vehicle

  • Question:
    • My ideal bug out vehicle? Gas or diesel? Standard or automatic? 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive?  He thinks gas, standard, 4 wheel drive.  Diesel is hard to crank in north and 4 wheel drive for snow.
  • Answer: This is a “it depends” type of answer.
    • First choice in bug out vehicle is the vehicle you currently have.  I have done a podcast on bug out vehicles and what should be in them.  No excuses not to use your current vehicle.
    • If I had money to purchase an automobile for my BOV, I would probably go with a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.
    • Jeeps give lots of performance for the money.
      • Hummers and XTERRAs are fine, but they cost a lot of money.
      • Some of the best off-road vehicles are old jeeps.
      • Jeeps are highly customizable as well due to their basic design.
    • I would almost always go for a 4×4 vehicle, but I would get a nice set of 60k all terrain tires (road trip more likely than driving through wilderness)
    • I would normally go for diesel, because they generally last longer.  Not much the case anymore.
      • Diesel used to be cheaper, but not so much anymore.
      • You can create your own diesel, like bio-diesel, but gas engines can be converted to natural gas.
      • Diesels have issues cranking when cold, but most of them have heating elements in them to help with that.
      • At this point I wouldn’t fault anyone that goes either way.
    • Now back to the purchase of a BOV
    • Another decent purchase is an RV.
      • Don’t expect to get to a crazy remote location with this, and don’t expect to live for long periods of time (cramped)
      • They CAN hold more stuff, hold more people, and can sustain you as an emergency shelter
      • The best part of an RV is the fact that it will make very enjoyable camping trips.  Easier to just get up and go as well as comfort.
    • 018 Bug Out Vehicle (BOV), Truck, Van Equipment Packing List
    • Emergency Vehicle Preparations: Bug Out Vehicle Equipment
    • Using a Family RV as the Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle?

Nick from NY

  • Question:
    • Best survival vehicle to survive, for bug out, and for getting to family.  What should you have in the vehicle?
  • Answer:
    • I already gave my answer for the bugout vehicle, so I will focus on the contents.
    • First, have a plan with 3 destinations, each in a different direction, 3 routes for those and three rest stops on each route.
    • Keep water, 2-3 Liters per person.
    • Keep minimum of 72 hours of food in the vehicle
    • Keep vehicle items such as
      • fuses,
      • belts,
      • hoses,
      • clamps,
      • antifreeze,
      • jumper cables,
      • tool kits,
      • tow straps, etc.
    • Keep navigational items like
      • Maps with routes marked,
      • compass,
      • gps
    • Keep basic utility items like
      • lanterns,
      • lights,
      • shovels,
      • a winch,
      • CB or HAMM radio,
      • and power inverter
    • Clothing, both winter and summer items and a jacket
    • Hiking boots or shoes
    • Blankets and a tent
    • Protective items such as pepper spray, taser guns

45 min

Brett from GA Email question

  • Question:

Can I charge that puppy with my Schumacher XC103W if I need to?

Also, can I hook an inverter up to the battery bank in the cart and pull power in an emergency?

If so, where do I connect the inverter leads?

Thanks for any info you can provide. Again, I really enjoy your podcast and am starting to make headway browsing your website as well.

Have a good one.

golf cart battery bank

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