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Vehicle Kit

Today I am interviewing Brian of Michigan and of the website http://preppingforthefamily.blogspot.com/ where we are covering lots of topics such as:

  1. Why you should prep
  2. Top items to keep in your emergency vehicle kit
  3. The most important things to remember for medical trauma
  4. Bug Out Bags: How you prepare differently for each member of the family
  5. Power Outages
  6. The most important thing to remember if you are a new prepper
  7. Zombies: A PRACTICAL Look



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Topic of Discussion:

Brian of http://preppingforthefamily.blogspot.com/

  • What made you decide to prep?
  • How long have you been in survival?
  • What has been your biggest mistake in survival?
  • Have you ever had an AHA moment?
  • What are the preparedness items you feel you have a good grasp on and why?
  • Top 5 things in your vehicle emergency kit and explain each one.
  • Plan to be licensed EMT-B in the spring.
    • what would you say are the three most important things to remember in medical trauma?
  • You have a bug out bag for EVERYONE in the family.  Can you tell me how you differ in packing a bag for you, vs your spouse, and children?
  • If there was a power outage that happened right now.  What would you do first?  Why?  How long would you be able to make it comfortably?
  • If someone were just starting out as a prepper, how would you recommend they start in preparedness?
  • Prep for little things: vehicle break down, tight month financially, power outage
    • Check camping gear for essentials
  • Give me your definition of a “Zombie”?
  • Any links you wish to share with the audience that don’t belong to you?
  • Any online resources or apps that you couldn’t live without that you would like to share?


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I think that interview topics are valuable. You have covered almost every topic in your interview, which can be helpful in learning wilderness survival and urban survival. Also, I have visited the links you have given and the http://www.hamwhisperer.com I think is the most useful for any survivor. I have heard 2 podcasts and read the benefits of using the ham radio and how to use it. And the topic you have caused “survival when you have family” is a good choice.


Thank you for the having Brian on, he did a great job!  It's always good to hear people who take a common sense approach to preparedness.  

Brain what books do you recommend for getting prepared?  Thanks!