114: Brian Adey Interview on Bushcraft 3



Relying on Your Bushcraft Skills Instead of Breakable Gear

Interview with Brian Adey, Author of the book, The Adventure of a Lifetime


Brian an author, high school teacher, and outdoors man.  He has been active in the outdoors from childhood, but has been actively honing his bushcraft/survival skills for the past two years.  He is a firm believer in the saying, “Use your gear, but rely on your skills.”

He is Bushclass Basic certified through BushcraftUSA Forums, and is working on his Bushclass Intermediate certification.

Message Body and Questions:

How did you first become interested in bushcraft?

What is the difference or similarity between the term bushcraft and wilderness survival?

You believe in the saying, “Use your gear, but rely on your skills.”  Explain why you love this quote, and what it means.

What is the most important outdoor/bushcraft skill that someone can learn? firecraft.

Why do you think that skills are far more important than gear?



Where would you recommend people who are interested in learning bushcraft skills start (as far as training is concerned)?

  • Knife use
  • Firecraft
  • knots

You have written a bushcraft themed novel.  Where can people find it?

Link to His Book: The Adventure of a Lifetime

What initially made you want to write a bushcraft-themed novel?

You have a helpful place for people wanting to know more about bushcraft.  What is it?

BushcraftUSA Forums – a wealth of bushcraft info, and free access to Bushclass USA (for membersfree to be a member)


bushcraft USA

Just to make things interesting, would you be willing to Provide a Giveaway?



Link to His Book: The Adventure of a Lifetime

What Item willing to give away:

A paperback copy of my book and a custom firesteel with a hand-lathed zebrawood handle.

I have an amazing survival training site coming out at bestsurvivalskillstraining.com.  Would you be willing to contribute amazing content or a ridiculous deal for everyone that joins the site?

I can contribute awesome content!

Where can everyone find you or learn more about you?





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Was it just me or was the audio from Brian not working correctly?  I was not able to hear 90% of what he said, it was very faint and seemed to have an echo/tinny sound to it.