I want to talk to you about being on The Prepper Podcast.  I am dedicated to a podcast based on wilderness, military, and modern day survival.  I push ideas like liberty and self-sustainability.  Anyone can be a guest if they understand the importance of this.

Please fill out the forms below FULLY, so we can guarantee a successful podcast and interview and to provide you with any exposure you may need as a fair trade for your efforts.

The more information you provide, the better this will all go.

Your Name (required): Please give me your real, full name, and I WILL NOT share it unless you ask me to.

Your Email (required) So I can contact you.

Your Phone Number (required)

SKYPE NAME: I can use phone conversations, but Skype is best for audio quality. If you have a dedicated mic, this would help even more.

YOUR TOPIC: Something general, or specific. Give me the subject you want to discuss. Examples: wilderness survival, gardening, self-defense, emergency first aid for burns, etc (as specific as you would like).

BACKGROUND (required): I don't need your life story, just a little about yourself that can help me introduce you.

FIVE OR MORE QUESTIONS (required, at least 75% NON PROMOTIONAL): I don't want to surprise you too much during the interview. I want to make a fluid and comfortable interview and help you get your point accross. I will ask you more than five questions, but this is a good starting point. One question I will always ask is: "What is your next planned survival step?" and "What is the most important recommendation you have for someone just starting out? I want you to give something tangible they can do."

WHAT IS YOUR WEBSITE: If you have a blog or site that you would like me to link to, please place the links here. Also if you have a photo you want me to use in the show notes, place the link here.

WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO PROVIDE A GIVEAWAY TO A PODCAST LISTENER? (required): I find that product giveaways provide both of us with more engagement by the audience. I recommend this.


ANY THING THAT WILL HELP: If you have a link to good support content that you would like the audience to have access to. Share the Knowledge people!

BECOME A SURVIVAL LEADER AND TEACHER(required): I have an AMAZING Survival Training Website, where I am ALWAYS looking for members, Content Creators and LEADERS. Would you like to be known with OTHER BIG NAMES?

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